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The breath is life. No breath, no life. No quality breathing, no quality life. It’s the cold hard facts. Why do we focus so little on something we need so much?

In Genesis 2:7, the Word says, And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

WOWWWW.... God BREATHED the breath of life, and the man became a living soul.

Breathing is what brings our soul to life, yet we refuse to go deep into it. We relegate our breaths to the…

My Grandma is 96 Years Old: Unlocking Longevity

A couple of days before her birthday, I asked my grandma what she wanted for her 96th? Her reply, “To live to see it”. And, that she did. She celebrated during this COVID 19 with calls from children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, some veggies, homemade chili, and cinnamon rolls. My grandma is in fairly good health. Her complaints consist of a bit of constipation and some feet and lower leg swelling. I think in my close to 50 years, I have seen her cry maybe twice; once for sure. She is a…



And the Story Goes…

As I listened to the 20 somethings and early 30 something couples talk about their success with the FIRE Movement, I am inspired and proud of what these young people have been able to accomplishment. This feeling of inspiration and jubilee for these couples and singles is also coupled with feelings of anxiety, regret, and a bit of hopelessness. How can I obtain FIRE well over 40 years old, closer to 50. Boy, if I had only understood 20 years ago, what I…


Our communities are inundated with people who are stressed and worn out. We have adopted this idea that busyness and grinding constitute productivity. However, what our busy lives have proven to render to us are headaches, stomach aches, memory loss, obesity, chronic disease, depression, anxiety, unhealthy/unrealistic competition, and a medicine cabinet filled with prescription drugs and over the counter medication. I was recently on an outing with my mother, and I heard more coughing than I ever had heard in public. Everybody was coughing, and using their hands to cover their…

C Atley

I am a novice writer, taking a chance to share some of my thoughts. It is quite intimidating, but here I go!

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